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At Celibré, our sunspot removal program (including Melasma, liver spots, acne scars and other types of skin pigments) is different from other medical options. We use state-of-the-art, q-switched lasers that safely and permanently remove pigmented lesions. Q-switched lasers are the only type of lasers where the pulse duration is measured in billionths of a second. Because the laser energy is delivered in such short bursts, it is able to permanently destroy the cells (melanocytes) that cause sunspot pigmentation.

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Pulse width of the laser used for this procedure is important because it correlates to the permanency of the treatment. Using very short pulse widths, the laser destroys the tissue containing the sunspots and the new cellular tissue that replaces it does not contain melanin (the cause of age spots in the first place). Our q-switched laser treatments are much different from topical bleaching creams and lower-energy level (IPL, Intense Pulsed Light) treatments because they destroy the melanocytes.

During the laser treatment, the laser’s light energy passes through the upper layers of the skin and is absorbed by the darker sunspots (also liver spots, acne scars, surgical scars or tattoos). After absorbing the laser energy, the sunspot breaks down and safely dissipated in the blood stream. Down time for sunspot laser treatments is negligible, allowing you to return directly to work, home or school.